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10-22-10: Remix of Don't Know Nothin'

1-16-10: Stop motion video for "Back In Your Arms (Flawless Again)" release.

11-30-09: CD EP "A Good Man Needs No Credit, A Bad Man Deserves None" released. Buy here.

6-12-09: After a long and hard year, I am releasing an EP, it has been sent off to the presses, tentative release date is early September.

12-26-2008: Recording has begun for another album, or at least an EP.

2-13-2008: "The Director's Cut" videos are being posted. One a week, every Wednesday for ten weeks. Check them out!

11-18-2007: Victory! Stuart Valentine vs. the Television (68% to 32%) although what was learned most was that technology is not something to be competed against, but something to be cooperated with. More on this soon....mmmmm

11-08-2007: I will be competing live against a television on stage on Nov 17 at Kelly's Olympian. View the flyer.

10-23-2007: Release of "Summer's Winter Day"!

8-16-2007: RIP Max Roach, amazing drummer.

6-7-2007: New song "I Heard You Twice the First Time" now released by Tender Loving Empire Records ... click here to buy Pop Tomorrow complilation.