Hi and welcome. Stuart Valentine (that's me) is a drummer and guitarist/songwriter. My musical releases include two full length solo albums published in 2005 and 2007, an EP in 2009, as well as releases as a drummer and songwriter in prior musical projects with various levels of notoriety.


5-2023: Studio drum tracks with Ruby Oland came out great in the mix

8-2022: Happy to record drums on a nice release by Sequoia

10-2016: Playing drums again...for Kiki and the Dowry

10-2010: Single release: I Don't Know Nothin' (MP3)

11-2009: After a long and hard year, CD EP "A Good Man Needs No Credit, A Bad Man Deserves None" released. Buy here. Listen to "Back in Your Arms" (MP3)

11-2007: Competed live against a television on stage at Kelly's Olympian. View the flyer. Victory! (68% to 32%) although what was learned most was that technology is not something to be competed against, but something to be cooperated with. More on this soon....mmmmm

10-2007: Release of "Summer's Winter Day" album!

8-2007: RIP Max Roach, amazing drummer

6-2007: New song "I Heard You Twice the First Time" released on compilation by Tender Loving Empire Records "Pop Tomorrow"