Reviews of "Summer's Winter Day"

They're great songs and round out a solid and enjoyable pop rock record...I'm recommending this to anyone who loves catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics." - Delusions of Adequacy

"The video element was just as professional and interesting as Valentines earnest live performance...I really enjoyed his lo-fi pop set, and along with the aformentioned 'It Always Seems So Easy on TV' I also thought 'Heard You Twice' was a great song." - Live review on Soundinthesound

"I Heard You Twice the First Time - is as instantly likable a pop song as I've heard in ages." - Willamette Week

"He has a knack for catchy melody, which helps this album tremendously." 4/5 - Hot Indie News

"Not sure what you're into but this gets a big thumbs up from me." - Dagger

Reviews of "Melody's True"

"Melody's True is straight-up indie pop, and Valentine has a confident touch with memorable melody lines." "...a coherent album of quality songcraft. It's impossible not to hum along with such upbeat toe-tappers..." - Skyscraper Nº20

"I was very impressed to find the level of subject matter very socially conscious of today's age..." & 4 stars - Soulshine

"...bubblegum pop with smart, introspective lyrics." - Portland Mercury

"A wonderful collection of breezy rock...the only complaint is that he didn't make a solo album sooner." & 4 stars - All Music Guide

"This record was quite a pleasant surprise..." & Rated 12/14 - Indie Pages

"...with his pleasant voice, knack for a tickling melody and songwriting talent Valentine has made one of the underdog records of the year." & "Top 10 Pick" - Dagger

Comprehensive interview by Todd E. Jones for CD Reviews

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