The album "Summer's Winter Day" was mostly a one person effort by design, but being limited by only two hands, I found a creative solution for live shows. With a borrowed camcorder I filmed and edited these ten videos myself to spice things up. During live shows the videos are run by computer onto projector screen for all to see. Instruments heard such as drums and bass are playbacks of the tracks I recorded. The guitar and vocals are muted (not played back) so I can perform these live . Together these elements (video, audio playback, and me) are combined on stage and this whole elaborate setup has been dubbed "Stuart Valentine: The Director's Cut". It was performed in Seattle and Portland during 2007-08.

These videos are full recorded versions (including studio vocals and guitar) of the songs as available on the CD. Live versions of the videos (lacking vocals and guitar) will not be not posted.

Here's a Video
"Never Change"

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Additional Musicians:
Joe Patterson
Robert Madore
Nathan Junior
...thanks guys.